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Other Insurances

Comprehensive Renters Protection Plan
We will pay insurance money when you are involved in the followingaccidents;

  1) Fire
  2) Lightning
  3) Burst and explotion
  4) Water leaking due to accident involving the plumbing system
  5) Violence and vandalism from ariot and labor dispute
  6) Water damage
  7) Burglary and theft of household goods currency, or tickets (100%coverage up to the insured amount)
  8) Wind, hail, or snow
  9) Breakage, stained damage, and other accidental losses other than 1)    through 9) above (Up to 300,000yen, Deductible 10,000yen)

We will pay the expenses associated with the accident.
  a. Expense for repair of burst pipe
  b. Expenses for replacing the lock
  c. Special expenses
  d. Earthquake fire expenses
  e. Extra expenses
  f. Debris removal expenses
  g. Accidental fire solatium expenses

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Fedility Bond

We handle any kinds of Insurance policies.
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